Uses And Importance Of Technology In Medical Treatment

In today’s article, we will explain the uses and importance of technology in the medical field. Use of technology in treatment.

Beyond the smoky, superstitious society, medical science has become an essential and integral part of human life. Even a few years ago today, this massive expansion and improvement of the medical field were unimaginable.

But as a result of technological advances, radical changes have taken place in the field of medicine as well as in various industries. The use of technology in modern medical methods, starting from medical science, has rapidly increased the quality of treatment.

The human body is very complex, and day by day, it is making its home in the human body, various known and unknown, complex diseases and disorders.

Therefore, advanced medical science was needed for the rapid healing and healing of human beings.

And from that need, information technology science is added to the improvement of medical science.

In today’s article, let us know some essential things about the use of technology in medicine

The use and importance of technology in medicine

No such thing has ever happened in this world without some reason; Similarly, the use of technology in medical science is bound to have many essential aspects, those aspects are –

Rapid diagnosis and cure

For many years, the main goal of using technology in healthcare has been rapid diagnosis and cure. Perhaps, the use of technology in the medical field is essential in the areas where technology is most prevalent globally.

As a result, several people have been able to get their lives back.

Also, because of these advances in medical science, the quality of life of the people has improved manifold. Technology also contributes a lot in increasing the average life expectancy of people.

Join information technology

With the advent of information technology, the most significant advantage of this medical field has been in data collection. Millions of people worldwide are getting sick, and all their information is being stored online through internet media and servers.

As a result, health workers can easily submit patient information for life.

Also, they can easily use and correct the records of those patients as per their requirements.

One of the significant contributions of this technology is that it reduces the chances of patients being mistreated for this online data service. In addition, the protection of patients’ personal information is greatly enhanced by these technical services.

A straightforward example is that to get the vaccination certificate of Kovid, which is going on in India, the commoner has to download them from a web portal. As a result, they do not have to line up to collect the certificate from the vaccination center. 

And all of this is possible because of the connection of medical services with this technology.

You can only download your certificate with your phone number and OTP (one-time-password), protecting your information.

Electronic health records

With the help of electronic health reports, health workers can quickly get precise information about the medicines and services of each patient.

Since these records contain detailed information about the patients’ medical history, doctors have become more convenient to diagnose and treat the disease. 

This electronic health record contains the patient’s medication time, reminders, and various consultation options.

With the help of this, health workers can efficiently serve the patients to recover quickly through proper treatment.

The benefits of electronic health records

With the help of this electronic health record or electronic health record, the data collected has become neat and completely infallible. Previously, patients’ information was written on paper and pen. And with the advent of digital media and information technology, the system of writing old paper documents has come to an end.

All of these paper documents were expensive, and it was hard work to keep track of them.

Therefore, it has become much easier to collect all these records by combining the medical world with technology.

Also, medical assistants, medical coding specialists, and trained nurses have been hired for all these jobs.

Their main job is to upload patient information to a central digital database.

From this database, medical workers send records from health insurance companies requesting money from patients.

Each patient can get their information from the database with a single click.

Doctors can change that information as needed and share it with patients through this e-record.

Patient information remains on the record.

These databases record patient allergies, drug side effects, and other details.

Any doctor from any medical institution gets news of his patient’s medical history.

As a result, the report in these databases is of great use to health care workers in the care of patients with very complex illnesses.

EHR electronic health records

As a result of EHR or electronic health records, clinical researchers who access information from these databases seek treatment or vaccines for a disease or epidemic.

Scientists worldwide have recently discovered a vaccine for the epidemic by looking at the statistics and symptoms of corona-infected people worldwide.

By researching this database, scientists can quickly find out the cause of a disease and its possible treatment.

Even so, owning 1 is still beyond the reach of the average person. For example, as soon as you open Google, you regularly see the rules related to Kovid and the number of Kovid victims.

Expenses and hard work

Using computer systems to record data is less costly and labor-intensive.

Also, documenting information using a computer system is much less likely to be mistaken.

With digital information being recorded, employees can continue their work from anywhere.

In other words, with the advent of information technology in medical science, the speed of treatment has increased.

Keeping records online makes it easier for doctors to analyze patients’ advantages and disadvantages, physical condition, and disease. As a result, medical services and sick people are benefiting overall.

Some groundbreaking contributions to the use of technology in medicine

Let’s take a look at some of the groundbreaking contributions to the use of technology in medicine,

3D Printing Technology or 3D printing technology

This three-dimensional printing technology can artificially create bones and some human body organs using modern medical science technology. With this technology, artificial limbs are being replaced in place of damaged human organs or bones. 

With this technology, surgeons can gain a deeper understanding of the various organs of the human body.

Since it can create a three-dimensional model, doctors can come up with new solutions in medicine through a variety of research. 

Nowadays, it has become much easier to make prosthetic organs with this 3D printing machine.

Many people worldwide are using the artificial limbs of the human body, imitating the hands and feet. 

Using these special printers, every human being can adjust the size of their hands or feet and change them quickly as they get older. With the advancement of modern technology, the cost of these prosthetic limbs has come down a lot. 


Medical technology science has come up with the idea of ​​a new type of printing, much like the imitation of three-dimensional printing technology. That is bio-printing.

Doctors have succeeded in creating new human skin for patients with burns.

And as a result of this success, they can create artificial pancreas, ovaries, and blood vessels one by one.

These organs will give the human body a disease-free body by removing its own or crippled organs from time to time.

If the body’s immune system does not reject these artificial organs, then this bio-printing technology will save the lives of millions of patients. 

Robotic surgery

According to this technology, robots will be used to perform operations on humans. Through this sophisticated technology, efforts are being made to reduce human suffering during the process.

Also, robotic surgery is being given more prominence to pay attention and perform successful surgeries during complex operations.

Also, any type of machine is capable of providing more accurate information than humans.

Therefore, this robotic technology is becoming more and more critical so that the doctors promptly get accurate and essential information about the operation during the process.

The primary purpose of this technology is to assist the surgeons during the operation entirely.

Wireless brain sensors

Wireless brain sensors are made of biodegradable plastic.

These sensors are automatically biodegraded and merge with the body, eliminating the need for separate operations.

Doctors use these sensors to measure the temperature and pressure in patients’ heads.

Medication according to the needs of the person

Continuing advances in medical technology have enabled us to control each patient’s drug needs and dosages accurately.

By reviewing each person’s genes, it is possible to find out what kind of medicine or treatment is needed to cure a person’s disease.

As a result, even incurable diseases like cancer are being eradicated from the human body by destroying these genetic defects through drugs.

Also, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the possibility of bone loss in the joint is prevented by destroying the weakened genes of the disease through medication.

CRISPR-Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats

The most significant contribution of science is this genetic modification. In this way, it is possible to free people from this disease by cutting off the sources in human DNA that carry HIV, cancer, or other harmful diseases.

There is a slim chance that future generations will be able to use this genetic modification process.

Virtual reality

 With the help of this virtual reality, medical science students can learn to operate without surgery on any ordinary person.

Also, the diagnostic process using this virtual reality, the students have a lot of benefits to plan the treatment. They can learn real-life utilizing this technology.

As one of the branches of information technology, information and communication technology also play an essential role in advancing medical science. 

The role and significance of information and communication technology in the medical field

Let us now know the role and importance of information and communication technology in the medical field.

Health wearable devices

Various health-related applications are being developed based on that information and communication technology to get information about their blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, and different details about health.

Also, with the advent of smartphones, smartwatches, and Fitbit, people can keep a close eye on their health.

In other words, there is an infinite contribution to technology.


You can get urgent advice from your doctor via video call from your smartphone, which is also deeply involved in technology.

Also, some time ago, it has started to take online doctor consultation through various applications. Therefore, it can be said that today technology has become the essential thing in medicine.

In this world of medicine, discoveries are constantly being made, nanotechnology has contributed to pill-cameras, and now patients are being served in various places through advanced artificial intelligence (auto-intelligence) robots.

Again, thanks to the contribution of this technology, while patients are seen to recover faster, their information security remains at risk.

Therefore, the use of technology in medicine is a landmark decision, regardless of the primitive eternity going on with the help of science. The use of which can bring human civilization the lifeblood of healthy living.

Today’s article on this technology-based treatment is so far. We hope you enjoy this article. And if you like it, you must give your valuable feedback through comments.

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