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What is auto insurance? With 6 Car Care Tips

Like our country has many cars like other developed countries, we have an auto insurance system for vehicles. In such a system, the insurance company compensates the owner of the car for various losses.

If the car is invo-lved in an accident, the insurance company bears the cost of repairing the vehicle as per the insurance company’s agreement.

Auto insurance benefits both the car owner and the company. Having a car in a foreign country means having car insurance. Probably no big country has a car that is not insured. Car insurance is a popular system in all countries. It is slowly gaining popularity in our country as well.

What is auto insurance?

Auto insurance Car, truck, motorcycle, and many other types of car insurance. It is also called car insurance or motor insurance. The primary use of this type of insurance is to protect against car accidents and financial losses.

Also, the primary purpose of auto or car insurance is financial management for car theft, traffic collision, and various other types of losses. However, there are different types of insurance for the car, and the car owner receives financial compensation accordingly.

History of auto insurance

The concept of auto insurance emerged soon after World War I, and it quickly gained popularity. Companies charge a monthly, annual, or one-time fee from the car owner. And the owner of the car also lives a peaceful life, thinking that if his vehicle is involved in an accident or any equipment is damaged, he does not have to worry about it; the insurance company will take all the responsibility.

However, car insurance was not compulsory at that time. It was first made mandatory in England. The Traffic Act, enacted by England in 1930, made auto insurance compulsory. Then in 1939, car insurance was made mandatory in Germany. It is called the Act on the Impunity of Compulsory Insurance for Motor Vehicle Owners.

Now auto insurance is compulsory in almost all countries of the world. However, there are some differences in this law in different countries. Our country also has auto or vehicle insurance laws. However, it has not been made entirely mandatory so far.

Types of auto insurance

There are three types of auto or car insurance. When insuring a car, you can choose from one or more of these.

  • Third-party
  • Third-party, fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

Third-Party: This is the minimum requirement by law. But it’s not always cheap. This ensures accident compensation for passengers other than the driver in the car.

Third-Party, Fire, and Theft: It’s almost like a third party. However, it also covers compensation for drivers and passengers as well as any vehicle repair. Even if this type of insurance covers you, the insurance company must buy you a new car even if your vehicle is stolen.

Comprehensive: This is the most convenient insurance for car owners. It pays for the damage to the car. As well as compensates for accidents. It even carries the burden of treating the people in the vehicle if the vehicle is involved in an accident and people are injured.

Why do you need car insurance?

First of all, car insurance is a kind of legal requirement. Second, it guarantees financial compensation for your accident. Third, auto insurance covers the treatment of car drivers and passengers. The insurance company is obliged to bear the medical expenses of all the people affected by accident.

Accidents can happen, and you need to ensure your car gets all kinds of compensation for that accident.

What if you don’t have auto insurance?

Since car insurance is not entirely mandatory in our country, you can do it if you don’t want to. You may not have any problem with this; you will be deprived of compensation from the insurance company. But you will deny your driver.

You may have enough money, and you are not dependent on the insurance company. The small compensation given by them will not be of much use to you. But your driver will be helpful if you have insurance.

6 Car Care Tips (Shortcuts)

We all know how difficult it can be to maintain a car. You need to wash it and sometimes clean up the debris that has accumulated in your trunk. 

It is important to take regular care and maintenance of your favorite hobby car to keep it suitable for a long time and drive it safely. This is because not taking care of the car for a long time can make various parts of it useless, and the car’s beauty is also ruined. So let’s start with how to take care of the car.

All car care guidelines and car care during the rainy season

Check the brakes regularly: An essential part of the car is the brakes. If there is a problem with the vehicle’s brakes, there is a possibility of a significant accident. So it is essential to maintain it regularly. Because the brakes keep getting worn out while driving and they don’t work after a certain period, they need to be checked and replaced regularly. And if for some other reason the brakes don’t work correctly, they should be fixed immediately. Motorcycle riding in the rain requires regular brake testing.

1. Regular Car Wash To

The car should be washed regularly to keep it clean. Also, suppose the vehicle is washed periodically. In that case, it does not accumulate dust, sand, or muddy water, which saves the car from any damages, such as loss of color after dusting, rusting of the vehicle due to dirty water, etc.

2. Engine oil and other healthy- check to : 

Check the engine oil of the car regularly and do it when it is time to change the oil level. Also, check the brake oil, transmission oil, cooling liquid, etc., of the car and change it if necessary. These filters need to be checked as well.

3. Tire pressure check, please :

The performance of the car and the cause of the accident largely depend on the tire pressure of the vehicle. So the tire profession should be checked regularly. For this, you can save a digital gadget to check the tire pressure.

4. Insurance to Keep : 

Since the car will be on the road, it can be an accident at any time, so insurance helps to cover its cost, so try to insure and keep all the documents with the car.

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The benefits of having a clean car are not just cosmetics. A dirty car can put undue pressure on the engine, which may require higher fuel consumption and more frequent maintenance. Here are some tips to keep your vehicle tremendous and running!

5. Clean windows and mirrors

Keep your windows and mirrors clean, so you can see clearly while driving. This makes the car shiny, making it safe to drive at night or in bad weather conditions.

6. Clean all the garbage from your vehicle weekly –

All the week’s garbage includes empty soda cans, old newspapers, fast food wrappers, etc. Not only will this your car smelling fresh, but it also protects it from being nested in the litter of insects.

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