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How to do online classes? Learn how online classes are processed

If you are thinking of taking your coaching classes or tuition classes as online classes, today’s article will help you.

If you are thinking of taking online classes for the very first time, don’t worry.

In today’s article, you will find the answers to these two questions about how to do an online class and how to do an online course.

How to take classes online? This question can be under-stood in two ways. 

  1. You want to know, how to- get other students to take classes online.
  2. You want to take online courses yourself.

However, we will tell you how you can start an online class as your teacher through this article. 

At present, the lockdown has been given in many countries due to coronavirus.

And to be safe from this lockdown and corona, kids have become very interested in taking online coaching classes at home.

So, if you think that as a teacher you can teach children in any subject, then, of course, you can earn income at home by doing online classes through the Internet.

In this way, it will become a business opportunity for you and the children to be educated through technology in the present times.

What does it take to take online classes?

You will be able to teach children online through online classes at home for free and earn money.

However, there are some rules and steps to start this whole process that Jeninin is about.

Because, although we can start offering free online classes through various free online platforms,

However, some other things will be needed to get the class done.

  • Computer / Laptop 

It would help if you had a computer or laptop to take online tuition classes conveniently.

On the computer, you can better connect with your students and take classes in a convenient way.

  • Web camera / webcam  

You will need a webcam to conduct online coaching classes.

Your students can see your face on the screen of their computer or mobile through a web camera.

You can use your smartphone for class, but it will not be convenient.

  • Mic 

Those words will be recorded through a mic and passed on to your students when you speak during a live class.

So, you have to use a mic so that the students can hear what you say during the live class.

Using a good mic will allow your students to hear you.

  • Online platform 

You need to take the help of an excellent online platform to conduct online tuition classes.

The online platform is the platform through which you and your students can connect directly through the Internet.

For example, zoom live meeting, YouTube live streaming, Google duo, etc.

  • Place 

Thus, no particular place is required for online classes.

Because here students do online class from their own house.

However, as a teacher, you need to keep the class clean and quiet so that the students are not inconvenienced.

How are the online classes? The whole process

If you have gathered all the necessary things to start the class, let’s know the main steps.

Will you teach

First of all, you ha-ve to think about what you are going to teach your kids online.

There are so ma-ny types it’s hard to say.

In online classes, it is better not to think about teaching more than one subject.

Suppose you can teach ten classes math, science, English.

However, instead of reading every three subjects, please think carefully about which of these three subjects the children have more problems for which they must do online class.

Now, think of starting a class on that one topic.

You can finish a whole chapter in one class if you want, and you can complete a chapter in more than one class little by little if you wish.

You have to think entirely about how you teach.

Give free video or paid video.

If you are taking live online classes, be sure to teach them with a fee from the kids.

However, if you want to take a video class instead of a live class, you can create a YouTube channel and upload videos there.

In this way, children can watch your video courses for free and learn from there.

However, in this way, many will gradually recognize you and be able to popularize themselves as a teacher much sooner.

Of course, with a good amount of subscribers to your YouTube channel, you can earn a lot of money from videos uploaded to the channel through Google AdSense ads.

However, it is entirely up to you to teach children with free videos or live online classes for a fee.

Where to find students?

It would help if you had more than the luck to succeed in the affiliate business.

So, you can let the people around you know that you can give online classes to the students on any subject.

Also, you can let people know about your class on online social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

You can say that from the 20th, I am going to start an online class of 10 science and math subjects.

So, if anyone is interested, you can join our class.

After that, if anyone is interested in your online class, then they will contact you.

How do I do online classes? – 5 platforms

I have already said how to take online classes. You need to take the help of an online platform through which you and your students can connect through the Internet.

So, about the platforms mentioned below so that you can take classes for free through them.

  1. YouTube: Create your channel, upload videos for free, or take live-streaming classes.
  2. Udemy: This is a great online platform where many people from all over the world come to take courses on different subjects. You can create an account here and upload your course videos. Students have to do your system with some money if they want to do your course.
  3. Zoom live meeting: If you’re going to do a live video class directly, you can use this application. Zoom has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to an online style.
  4. Own website: If you want, you can create your website with the help of a developer or through WordPress, you can upload your course videos there, and you can create a community of students. Students can arrange to watch the complete video courses with monthly or onetime money.
  5. Google Drive: You can share your course videos with students through Google Drive. Students can easily download your videos from Google Drive.
  6. Google Duo: Google Duo is a high-quality video calling app that allows online classes with multiple students. It’s completely free and will work on any Android phone, iPhones, tablet, computer. You must have a Gmail account to use Google Duo. Here 32 students can take online classes through group calls.
  7. Unacademy: Unacademy is a top-rated and famous online educational technology company where children take online courses on various subjects. In this online learning platform, you can take classes on various topics. However, to earn money by taking classes, you must first apply as an educator. For this, you have to download Unacademy Educator App and make your demo lesson and upload it. After that, the review team will let you know the next steps.

So, friends, you may have got the answer to the question of how to take classes online or how to take courses online. 

Thus, even if you use a group video call app on your mobile to take online classes directly, it will work.

However, you will not be able to conveniently class from mobile.

So, take online tuition classes on your computer or laptop using zoom or Google duo or some other platform.

I hope you like our article on how to start online classes.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the article, please comment below.

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