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How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster, Best Tips 2021

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster: Too much hair fall? Going bald on the head? Is the problem of dandruff increasing, or is the tip of the hair falling out? There are solutions to all kinds of issues in various types of domestic tricks.

At least that’s what the internet says. You are also relying on it, and every day, you are boiling different oils or different ingredients and applying them to your head. But what is the benefit? Is new hair growing on the head at all?

With a bit of age, the scalp becomes drier. It would help if you shampooed at least twice a week to prevent these dead skin cells from accumulating. You will get more benefits if you massage a little hot oil on the night before shampooing. When shampooing, mix a little sugar; it will make the hair moist and shiny.

Do you use a hairdryer to dry your hair quickly to get out somewhere? Whether the hair is dry or just for hairstyling before an event, reduce the use of hair dryers. The hair becomes brittle.

Kitchen ingredients can help your hair grow

The problem of hair loss is now at home. Someone blames on the water. No one is to blame for cosmetics. Some people understand that the danger is increasing because of the way of life. Someone or another is experiencing emotional stress through hair loss.

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But he will have it all. You also have to try to improve the health of the hair. How can you increase the strength of the hair?

There are some things that you can do to maintain the health of your hair. The roots of the hair will be stiff. Hair will grow faster.

Hair health, like any other part of the body, depends on diet. Some foods can be used for hair care, but the hair can be good.

Here is a list of three foods that help maintain good hair health.

1) Amalki : Amalki contains a lot of vitamin C. The effect is to increase the hairline. Again, the hair grows longer quickly. Nutritionists say that if you eat Amalaki regularly or apply it to your hair, your hair will grow by six inches a year.

2) Eggs: Many people do not like to put eggs in their hair. The smell of eggs can stay in the hair. That is what keeps many people away from laying eggs. But as the eggs grow, the hair becomes softer.

3) Curry leaves: Many people use curry leaves in their daily cooking. Someone gives it again while making vegetable juice. Curry leaves contain carotene and vitamin E. It strengthens the hair follicles. In addition, it also enhances the shine of the hair. It also controls the problem of hair loss.

Foods to add to your diet if you want to make your hair grow faster

Not everyone has the same hair growth rate. But everyone wants their hair to grow faster. That’s not the way it is. Some foods increase the rate of hair growth. Let’s see what they are.

Body nutrition and hair nutrition are different. Several foods are nutritious for the body as well as for the hair follicles. Again, some foods are not very useful for the body’s nutrition, but hair is essential for nutrition. Here is a list of all-those foods.

  • Eggs are essential for body nutrition. Very good for hair. Eating eggs every day strengthens the hair follicles. Hair grows faster.
  • Chicken, milk, sour yogurt also helps in hair growth. Even if you play these regularly, your hair growth rate will increase.
  • Almonds contain many minerals in addition to a variety of vitamins. These increase the rate of hair growth. You can eat four to five almonds or almonds a day.
  • You can make a smoothie by mixing bananas with milk. Mixing nuts, cardamom powder, and honey with it will increase the rate of hair growth. It can also be eaten daily.
  • There are no nutrients in that way, but aloe vera juice can free the body from pollution. Playing it two days a week will increase the rate of hair growth.
  • Fenugreek contains Vitamin C, A, K, Folic Acid, Calcium, Iron. All of these ingredients are good for hair roots. Soaking fenugreek a couple of days a week and drinking that water will make your hair grow faster. For this, one spoon of fenugreek should be washed in a glass of water. The water should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Can’t do so much for relaxed hair? Then drink this drink one day a week. First, boil the barley in water. Then add a little salt. Leave it like this for half an hour. Then mix lemon and honey in it. Eat this time. This drink also strengthens the hair follicles and increases the rate of hair growth.

Is hair not growing after the tip is torn? Curry leaves and lemon oil will do the trick.

Are you afraid to comb your hair with a comb? Because a lot of hair comes up when you put a comb on your head! Due to the breakage of the tip of the hair is only decaying, not growing! Applying a hair mask bought from the shop did not match the benefits.

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Are you leaving the hull? Homemade ingredients that can make hair healthier! There will also be hair growth. It only takes two things: curry leaves and lemon essential oil. Curry leaves are rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, and beta-carotene, which help hair growth.

On the other hand, lemons also contain elements like Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium, which strengthens the hair follicles. Research says there is no substitute for vitamin C to keep hair healthy!

How to make curry leaves and lemon oil?

This homemade oil requires a few curry leaves, lemon essential oil, and coconut oil. Pour coconut oil into a glass vial. Crush the curry leaves on it and mix it. This time mix 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil with it.

Let the mixture soak overnight. Strain through a sieve the following day. If kept well, you can use it for 5-6 months.

How to apply?

Pour one teaspoon of oil on the scalp. Then massage the whole scalp and hair well. After massaging, wash your hair with oil and shampoo for 15-20 minutes. Massage this oil at least twice a week to get the benefits. Regular use will match the benefits.

Foods for Hair Loss: Eating these four foods can cause hair loss

He combed his hair and saw a lot of hair growth. It is normal to think. Usually, the risk of hair loss increases if care is not taken. But maybe you do regular hair oil, shampoo, conditioning, everything. Why is the hair falling?

If there is any particular illness, the matter is different. Otherwise, keep an eye on the food. Eating certain foods increases the risk of hair loss.

I know

A lot of what you eat sugar or sweetener? But then, this may be the reason for your hair to fall out. Excess sugar can also cause baldness. So even if you love sweets, control the amount and eat.

Do you always

eat luchi-parota at home? This luchi or parotai made with flour is damaging your hair. This is because the amount of glycemic index or GI in it disturbs the balance of hormones. As a result, there is a risk of hair growth. Not only flour but also bread should be removed from the food list for the same reason.


You sip on alcohol. Do you think it can cause so much damage to your hair? But research says so. Excessive alcohol consumption destroys hair follicles. But moderate drinking also damages the hair. Alcohol weakens the hair by destroying the normal protein keratin in the hair.

It’s tough to find people who don’t like to eat grilled grill! But eating this type of food increases the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and hair loss. Playing barbecue makes the scalp more oily and also closes the pores of the scalp. This can damage the hair.

How can you identify new hair growth on your scalp?

As usual, 100 hairs fall from our heads every day. New hair also grows. But when this balance is lost, the hair becomes thin. The ability to develop new hair decreases with age. However, if you keep an eye on the hair’s health and take good care of it, it is possible to grow new hair. Find out how you can understand.

1. Black stain

Do you see any dark spots in the hair follicles? That means new hair is growing. Just like the hair on the head of tiny children is like cotton, it can also be seen near your hairline.

2. Shorthair

When you tie your hair, do some of the hairs stand close to the scalp? That means you have new hair. So these are shorter than other hair.

3. Hair loss

When excessive hair fall is gradually reduced, and hair health will feel better than before, then understand that your hair follicles are working healthily again. And in a short time, the hair will become thick again.

4. Longhair

When the rest of the hair on the head is getting longer, you will understand that new hair is also growing. Hair will grow longer only if the health of the scalp is good. And with that, new thin hair will grow.

5. The tip crack is decreasing

The more nutritious the hair, the better its health. The problem of split ends will also be reduced. When you see that split ends have been reduced, you will understand that your new hair is also growing because the hair is getting adequate nutrition.

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