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What is car insurance? Types of car insurance

What is car insurance? and Types of car insurance: Car insurance (auto or motor insurance) is done to protect your car from unforeseen risks. It protects against damage as a result of unavoidable instances. It helps to cover against financial loss due to theft, accident, and any subsequent liability car insurance cover level can be the insured party, the insured vehicle, and the third party (car and person).

Insurance premiums depend on specific criteria such as car price, type of coverage, car classification; Volunteer extras, etc. Car insurance gives the confidence to drive peacefully. In case of emergency, it acts as a boon for the insurance holder.

With so many car insurance companies for the customer base in the market, it is pretty challenging to make the right policy and choose the insurer. Determining the right insurance policy, meeting the requirements, and being affordable can be time-consuming. Many times car insurance may seem complicated but having it will allow you to spend a fortune later. You can compare car insurance quotes online and save up to 40% on your premiums in the policy market.

Types of car insurance

When looking for car insurance, you can assume that a third-party policy will be the cheapest. It is not always. It is worth comparing all your car insurance options to find the right deal for you.

What are the different types of car insurance?

There are three types of car insurance:

Third-Party – All drivers must legally have at least third-party car insurance. This protection can cover the loss of others, but not your own.

Third-Party, Fire, and Theft – This type of coverage covers everything from a standard third-party policy and protects you from fire damage and theft of your vehicle. Fire damage includes intentional acts such as arson, as well as accidental fires.

Completely comprehensive – it provides the highest level of protection. Fully comprehensive car insurance covers injury to you and other drivers, as well as damage to your car, fire, and theft, as well as other drivers, whether the accident is your fault or not.

Third-party insurance

Third-party insurance is the minimum level of insurance required by your law. You would expect sole third-party insurance as the cheapest option as it provides minimal protection for all types of covers available, so you may be surprised to learn otherwise.

Third-party insurance usually covers:

  • Damage to someone else’s car or property
  • Injury may be to others
  • Injury your passengers during an accident

Third-party insurance does not cover:

  • You
  • Your car

Beware: If your car is stolen or damaged in an accident or fire, you will have to pay for its replacement. Also, keep in mind that your policy will not cover you if you are injured in an accident.

Third-party, fire and theft insurance

Third-Party Fire and Theft Insurance The third-party car insurance policy covers everything it does but additional protection against fire and theft. This is effective if you are looking for more than just a minimum cover or live in an area considered high risk for crime. It’s worth noting that some policies may not cover damage due to attempted theft, so think carefully about what you might need.

Third-party fire and theft insurance usually covers:

  • Damage to someone else’s car or property
  • You can harm others
  • Accident time of your passengers to hit
  • Fire damage 
  • Theft (and possibly damage as a result of attempted robbery) 
  • After paying any agreed compulsory and voluntary excess.

Third-party fire and theft insurance does not cover:

  • You
  • Your car (excluding fire damage and theft)

Be careful: keep in mind that this car insurance will not cover your car for accidental damage.

Completely comprehensive

Fully comprehensive car insurance provides the highest level of cover available. If you have a new or expensive car or often travel in your vehicle with expensive technology or accessories, this may be the type of policy for you.

Fully comprehensive insurance usually covers:

  • Damage to someone else’s car or property
  • You can harm others
  • Injury your passengers during an accident
  • Fire damage 
  • Theft (and possibly damage as a result of attempted robbery) 
  • Chipping / Scratching 
  • Harmful damage and vandalism 
  • Accidental damage to your car 
  • After paying any agreed compulsory and voluntary excess.

Beware: Comprehensive car insurance doesn’t necessarily mean everything. Extras like a courtesy car, windscreen cover, and personal belongings (an SAT NAV) may not be covered by your policy. Moreover, it may not always cover personal injury caused on your own, so be sure to check all these details with each insurance provider when you receive a quote.

Is there any other type of car insurance?

There are three types of car insurance providing different levels of protection; there are several more types of covers, as well as extras, which can help you in a wide range of situations:

Other types of covers

Telematics Insurance – (‘black box’ insurance), this type of coverage covers your car with a device (some providers use an app) that monitors your driving. If you prove that you are a safe driver, then it can be cheap car insurance. It is more popular with younger drivers, who usually face more expensive premiums and reduce their costs.

European Driving Insurance- If you plan to drive abroad, you need to make sure you are at your chosen destination

Classic Car Insurance: If you are an owner of a classic car model, this type of cover is for you. These cars are usually much less driven and are often well cared for, so this insurance will consider it.


Breakdown Cover: A common addition to standard car insurance, if your car breaks down, the breakdown cover can lift your vehicle for repair.

Personal Accident Cover: Often included with the comprehensive policy, this type of insurance can compensate if someone is seriously injured or killed in a car accident.

Motor Legal Protection: If you are unlucky and involved in an accident and want to take legal action against another driver, or if someone takes legal action against you in need of legal protection, this type of cover can cover the cost.

Courtesy Car: If your car is involved in an accident and is damaged, a courtesy car will be provided, which will allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible while you are being repaired.

There is no claim discount protection – a long-earned no claim discount can save you a lot of money on your car insurance every year. If you want to protect it, you can add it to most car insurance policies. This way, if you have an accident, you don’t have to worry about even more costs.

Windscreen Cover: A common type of damage to your car is often not someone’s fault; the cost of repairing or replacing the windscreen can be costly. You can find it as part of a thoroughly comprehensive policy, but it is essential to examine and consider it if it is not.

Lost Keys: More familiar than ever with electronic keys, the cost of losing your car keys can be prohibitive. If your car keys are lost or stolen, you can afford to replace and reprogram them.

What costs car insurance?

The cost of car insurance depends on many several factors:

  • Your age– Young drivers are usually the most expensive to insure
  • Your previous driving experience – If you are a new driver, you have a prior driving conviction, or you have no claim bonus, you will be considered high risk for insurance providers who will charge you more to cover
  • Where you live
  • Build and model your car – The more powerful your car, the more you can expect to pay
  • Car Insurance Group: Car models are divided into fifty car insurance groups. The cheapest cars to insure are in Group One.
  • How much is your car?
  • How many miles do you drive a year?

Which type of car insurance is the lowermost affordable?

The most affordable car insurance will depend on your situation – and it will not always be third-party insurance. You will be forgiven for thinking that comprehensive car insurance coverage will be the most expensive level. But you may be surprised to hear that this is not the case with average quotes on our site.

The average broad policy premium compared to the market is £ 536. But the middle third party, fire, and theft policy are just above 839 over. For third parties, the lowest level of cover, the average price was £ 1,387, more than double the expansion cost.

This is because insurance providers know that drivers who adopt a third-party policy are usually comparable to high-risk drivers, such as young drivers or confident drivers, with comprehensive insurance.

50% of people compare market data in June 2021 with their completely comprehensive car insurance

For 535.64 per year. Party fire and stolen car insurance based on market data for June 2021. 20 50% of people compare with the market data of June 2021 (Types of car insurance)

They can earn a quote of 38,138,556 per year for third-party car insurance.

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