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What is web design? How to do web design?

What is web design? And how to do web design? That will be discussed in detail in today’s article.

What is web design?

Today’s world is an internet-dependent world. Almost everything in our lives is now connected to the Internet in one way or another. And that’s why every company owner or businessman here wants to create a website in the name of their business or organization. As their business grows, people can easily find out about them through the internet and increase the loyalty of buyers towards them.

So there is so much demand for creating websites, then who will create these websites? So those who create these websites are called web designers or web developers and the process by which the website is created through HTML & CSS is called web design.

So it can be said that web design is the process of creating a complete website through HTML and CSS. But when a website is created from scratch, that process is called web development, and arranging a website or theme like your own is called web design. Nowadays web design is more used because now there is a theme or demo available for almost every website so that you can create your own site in a short time and at a low cost. And even if you can’t get it completely according to your needs, you can take a site that has a partial match as your own and in this process web design is.

What does it take to learn web design?

The most important thing for learning web design is interest in learning, a lot of willpower and patience to spend enough time. If you want to become a web developer in a month, it is not possible in any way. Yes, in a month you will get an idea and will be able to design a fair website. If it were that easy then people would no longer be web developers after studying engineering year after year. Everyone would become an engineer after completing a two-month course.

There are no specific educational qualifications required for learning web development. If you understand, write and read English, you can become a web developer only if you have a lot of patience.

Computers for web design (PC)

If you just want a computer for web design, you can buy a low-configured laptop or desktop. But I would say if you have less budget then you can buy a desktop and if you have more budget then you can buy desktop or laptop whatever you want. Because almost all the work of web design is done in the browser, so there is no need for a more configured computer.

And if you want to do graphic design or app development or other freelancing work with web design, then you have to buy a good quality computer. However, for web design, it is better if the monitor is a little bigger. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

  • Monitor Web design work for the construction of the facility will be monitored. You will also have fun working on the multiscreen. So it is better if the monitor is 21 inches. If the budget is low, you can also use China Monitor.
  • Processor: The processor must be your minimum Core i3. If you take the processor below this, when you open more tabs at once, there is a possibility of crashing the tab.
  • Hard Disk: Web design does not require much storage. 200 GB storage is enough for you. But it is better if you buy SSD hard disk instead of normal hard disk. This increases the speed of the computer.
  • Motherboard: You can buy gigabyte motherboard within budget. Very good quality motherboard and very good durability. You can also buy a jail’s motherboard if the budget is less. I bought a prison motherboard in my house, I haven’t seen any problem in two years.
  • UPS: in your area you can buy a UPS power if there is such a problem. Otherwise it will be seen that you are coding the whole page with difficulty but all your power is gone.

What is the future of web design?

If you want to take up web design as a career then I would say you have made the right decision. You don’t have to look at what the people behind you say. If you can learn web design to the fullest in 6 months and 1 year, then you can earn 500-1000 $ (dollars) per month. Even after gaining experience on web design, you can get job opportunities in a multinational company like Google .

But in this case you don’t just have to learn HTMl and CSS i.e. coding. Because with this coding you will not get any work. After learning HTMl and CSS, it is important for you to learn how WordPress Shopify works on these platforms. Although you don’t have to learn any coding to learn these, you can do it with just a few days of practice. 90% of websites for news, magazine or blog sites are made with WordPress and most of the e-commerce sites are made with Shopify and WordPress. In addition to these, you need to have experience in hosting, C panel, domain, PHP to get a job. It is better if you can do their SEO work as well as site design.

As the whole world is becoming more modern now, the demand for web development is also increasing day by day. You can also work in the local market if you want after learning web design. There are also fiverr , upwork , freelancer sites to get your work. All you need is a good experience and a good portfolio.

So if you want to build your career with web design, I would say you have made the right decision. Only with web design can you make your career brighter.

How to do web design?

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the lifeblood of web design and development and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used to give this HTML a design and stylish look . So you have to learn these two programming languages ​​to learn web design.

And the best platform to learn and practice these two languages ​​is W3 School . You can learn and practice HTML and CSS for free from here.

If you want to learn HTML, CSS & PHP from W3 school, you can use these links.

You can follow these sites to learn more about PHP.

You can learn about My SQL from this website.

All you have to do to build your website is to get the cpanel that you will find in hosting. So since all the work is from here, so first of all you can know completely about C panel from here.

Since then, since most web sites are now built with WordPress, it is more important to know about WordPress. You can follow this website to learn about WordPress.

Shopify is the most used e-commerce site , so you can visit this website to learn Shopify.

SEO is the first way to promote a site after creating a complete website. Through SEO, your clients will find your product / service. So you should have experience on SEO so that you can SEO the sites you create to your clients. You can follow this website to learn about SEO.

By following these sites, you will learn almost all the functions of web design and if you need any more help, you can easily solve it with the help of Google / YouTube. And all the links given above are verified and 100% safe and reliable. So you can definitely learn web design using these sources. And all these sources are updated regularly.

If you read the whole article well, then you will not know anything about what is web design and how to do web design . If you still have problems understanding something or if you know something, you must comment. I will try to resolve that issue.

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